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Nov 22, 2012 6:00am EST
with what we think this has to do with the election and gender and sexual politics are kind of in this larger context. >> i think it does. one of the things that is interesting about the president, coming out the freedom to marry or what seemed like the vice president accidentally coming out in a way. [laughter] but what's really to your point, while these things are very important and i think that they have a clear role in places like maryland where the marriage referendums on the ballot. the timing was the backlash about what i care about. and that happened early to get the, you know, what is going to happen when my one-man or support of lgt whites come out, how will this impact the election? there was an early test and we got a chance to get those issues out of the way so that they were not the things we were talking about. >> it was almost as though the last election was one in which barack obama and his very embodiment challenged about blacks and every time he referred to the single mother, they would blink and say oh, it's not a black single mother, to white single mot
Nov 21, 2012 7:30am EST
the latino vote and, ultimately, the election during the presidential primaries. he was part of a panel on immigration policy and the gop. from the american enterprise institute, this is 90 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everybody. my name is nick schulz, i'm the dewitt wallace fellow here at the american enterprise institute, and i'm the editor of, aei's flagship online magazine. want to thank you for coming to our event today, conservatives and immigration reform, now what? i'd like to thank, before i get started, i'd like to thank my colleague dan rothschild here at aei who had the idea for doing this event and helped bring it all together. dan's had an issue in this for a long time, as have i, and i think it's timely and important that we start talking about some of these things. you know, there's been a tension at the heart of the conservative movement's approach to immigration for at least as long as i've polled politics and -- followed politics and a lot longer than that. there are two influential camps that have jockeyed for control to define th
Nov 28, 2012 7:30am EST
stayed with them as a colleague during the civil war and after grant was elected president initially appointed washburn secretary of state and washburn became very ill, after ten days he submitted his resignation to president grant show grant regretfully had his resignation and he regained his health which was always very fragile and grant the then offered him the position as minister of france, ambassador of france. >> michael hill on washburn, minister to france in the 1870 franco prussian war, and the only power of the state providing political and humanitarian support. q&a sunday night at 8:00 on c-span. >> now a discussion on entrepreneurship, immigration reform and innovation. economist douglas holtz-eakin and aol co-founder steve case, at the aspen institute for 30 minutes. >> next we have a panel on america and where it is going, steve clemens -- steve clemons is the empress area of washington ideas. >> hey, folks. everybody is running to the thompson reuters counter. thank you for joining us. great to be with you. i am steve -- steve clemons, editor of large of the atlantic,
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am EST
elections. as well as a growing pressure from congress as will some u.s. allies in the region against diplomacy. focus shifted to sanctions and tehran responded by further expanding its nuclear program leaving both sides worse off today than they were a few years ago. in the meantime, sanctions have held iranian middle class for the impoverished population while the regime's repression and human rights abuses have continued to intensify and its nuclear program has continued to expand. but a new window for opportunity for diplomacy has opened through obama's convincing real election, and in the next few months, up until the iranian new year, both sides enjoy maximum political space and maneuverability to negotiate effectively. the logic of diplomacy is obvious. it's the only option that can truly resolve the issue. sanctions can cripple iran's economy at the expense of destiny that pro-democracy movement there, but sanctions alone cannot resolve this issue. the military option can set back the program for a year or two but only at the expense of ensuring that eventually iran eventually
Nov 27, 2012 2:00am EST
, this is unprecedented whether right or wrong, but it's something that was done not only during the elections, but a statement made by the president more than once, and i think it was in connection of promises made also to the israeli prime minister. how, will president obama fulfill the promise? wiggle out of it? absolutely implement it whether it's militarily or through containment policy, and what are they doing from my point of view, one of the reasons or a fascinating part about the gaza operation is that, a, they are giving hamas a lead in creating the new dynamics or dictating dynamics in an alliance of the muslim brotherhood leadership's be it in egypt or turkey, and it's probably the move to undermind the palestinian authority because he's going to the united nations asking for the status of the states, observer state, but the change of subject, at least by the israelis away from iran and syria, on to gaza, to me, is a very fascinating development. is it temporary or going to be an ongoing -- how long is that change of subject? sometimes leaders and security people know better. they
Nov 22, 2012 2:00am EST
election. this event is one of our events this year celebrating the 20th anniversary of the institute and we are delighted that you can all come out and that we can have our distinguished panel of guests. alondra nelson will introduce everyone and give everyone a proper elaboration of their wonderful work. basically, the institute is the center for fun i must research and teaching. this is an event that we will have on march 7 and march 8. so one of our distinguished guests, she was unable to make it this afternoon. unfortunately, she is sick, but we have patricia williams and melissa harris perry and i will introduce alondra nelson. i just want to thank everyone for all their hard work in organizing the event, as well as are many cosponsors. heyman center for the humanities, the institutes for research in african-american studies, department of history, the department of anthropology, the department of sociology and political science. london also in alondra nelson is the coeditor of technicolor, race, technology, and everyday life. she is the author of the prize-winning body and soul
Nov 21, 2012 2:00am EST
transition by the end of 2013, which can then consolidate itself? presidential elections in 2014 sawyer point about conditions based withdrawal following that reaction to longer-term agreement statements, development horses, whatever, depending partly on circumstance. but as i understand it is a transition plan. is that right? >> shall i take that? there's two aspects to that. the international community has said, i've said, nato has said that the current mission will come to an end at the end of 2014. the pace at which the transition proceeds within that and stop his conditions based. so i'm afraid to think i modeled up my tranches. we are in greek. we expect four to be announced before the end of year and five will be the one that comes in the middle of 2013. exactly the timing and pace and speed up the implementation will depend on conditions both at the tactical level and strategic level. but the 2014th end date is fixed. but we have also said that nato chicago summit of the north atlantic council is repeated since is that nato will run a new trading advisory operation after that. so when
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7